Thursday, July 30, 2015

#Comics #BlackLit New Kyle Baker collection, Important Literary Journal, looks to be hilarious and very dark.

When I first saw Kyle Baker's work when I was just a small child (think we're the same age) I thought he was a Neal Adams clone. Now he's gone the full Eisner. I'm amazed by how many styles this guy can pull off.

Here's the cover:

It looks to be a collection of his cartoons. And they're mostly drop dead brilliant. I think, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, even though you can buy the book at Amazon, and I may spend 4.99 just to do that, you can read all or at least some  of the toons here at this website, which I think is the publisher. And that's free. I never knew that Kyle Baker was a Cory Doctorow style copyleftist. You can find just about everything that Cory Doctorow has written online for free although his sales are also pretty good as well. But I think he makes most of his money writing for Boing Boing. Not necessarily proven to be always a great tactic giving your work away.

Wish Kyle had a tipjar. I'd throw in a couple dollars.

Anyhow. How good are these Cartoons? This one reminds me a bit of Frank Miller's Peanuts..

Here's one that I think he pitched to the New Yorker. It's drawn in their style.

And I hope the Home life is going well for Kyle. There are a few "Why I hate Saturn" style toons that seem to feature Kyle and his significant other. This isn't one of them, I hope.

Funny stylish stuff. He's like a one man Mad Magazine, if Mad Magazine hired black men either in the 50s, or now. I don't think Charlie Hebdo had one person of color on their staff. Jon Stewart could count all of his black writers on one hand or so I've heard...Don't get me started...

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