Sunday, November 10, 2013

Will review your self published book for $50 dollars. Or even from your reputable publishing house....

I've decided to take a crack at the paid review business. Here's some ground rules:

I will charge $50 dollars for the review for any book sent to me that's under 300 pages. That's a competitive price compared to the other services out there.

I will charge $25 dollars for any  graphic novel that's thrown my way.

I will charge $10 dollars for any comic book that's sent to me, preferably as a PDF or an online file.

Your money back if the review isn't completed and posted on this website within 7 days. I also promise to post the review on at least two other sites where your book is posted for sale including Amazon, Barnes and Noble,  Goodreads and Smashwords. That will be done within 10 days. Please remind me if I forget.

I imagine that I'll be looking at a lot of self published works and I hope to find a gem or two in those stacks. But I'd be happy to look at anything from the publishing houses as well. I guess that's what I'm used to reviewing anyway. I'm definitely interested in reviewing books by African American writers and anything related to science fiction or comics.

I don't promise to give a good review but I do promise to always be encouraging and not too cruel. It would be more of a Locus review as opposed to a cruel mean spirited Interzone review although the ones I've read seem to be very entertaining. We are now open for business. There should be a Paypal tag to pay in the upper right hand corner. The clock doesn't start ticking on the seven or 10 days until you've sent me the book.

Related: Here are some other reviews I've written. People actually pay me more for reviews yes I know its shocking. Helps to do reviews if you've actually read a book I've found. So if you like the quality of these reviews I would hope that you would utilize my services.

Here are some reviews that I did for BET online some years back.

Bad Boy Brawly Brown by Walter Mosley

Charisma by Steven Barnes

And I can review non fiction as well.

Miner's Canary by Lani Guinier

And this review of Thomas Friedman's book "The World is Flat" was turned into a podcast.

My comics reviews are all over the Internet. Here are some I'm proud of.

Comics Reviews at Locus Online.

Irredeemable 35 or Doc Doom inhabits Sue's Body and Makes Out With Reed Richards

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