Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shadowshaper is a new title from described rising star Daniel Jose Older

Daniel Jose Older is a new writer who looks promising. He seems to dwell in the world of urban fantasy. You can read an excerpt of this novel at this website. It's aimed at young adults so its easy to read. I like the fact that its written by a person of color and that his books feature persons of color in lead roles. His personal website seems to be here but being that this is the future he has a few spots throughout the Internet. His twitter feed is here. Not sure if I'll have time to read anything of his as my current funding is running out.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Late Julian Bond wrote fantastic 1967 comic about and Against the Vietnam War

I think Julian Bond wrote this in a comics form in order to explain opposition to the war as simply as possible. It really is a shorthand version of why you would oppose the war. It touches all the bases and gives you a nice history lesson at the same time. I had no idea, for example, that Lyndon Johnson has ever said that.  It's only 19 pages and you can read the whole thing for free on the Internet.

I have no idea what happened to that wonderful artist. I'm guessing there wasn't a lot of work for a talented cartoonist who was a critic of the Vietnam War. Just guessing.

That same math still exists by the way. We could live like Norwegians by cutting 5 percent of military waste and redirecting another five percent toward domestic programs. But it's just impossible to do that.

Here's the last page below. but go read the whole thing. A lot of people can't get through Chomsky but this is a nice concise history as to why it didn't make any sense to kill other poor people abroad, especially if you were a poor person.

Just love that art....

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#MrRobot The cross gendered asian people from Hackers? The Movie? My mind is blown..

#MrRobot @whoismrrobot Wait Angela knows Darlene? And Angela is wearing white? Is she White Rose? Makes sense...Or more likely FSociety...

#MrRobot @whoismrrobot I now know that Tyrell is White Rose. Two points of proof.

At first, I thought it was tied to William Gibson. But I couldn't find anything in google other than New Rose Hotel. So that didn't quite fit.

There is another meaning for "White Rose" and that's the "White Rose Society". It was a group in Germany that fought against the Nazis. They used nonviolence. They were all murdered. It makes sense that Tyrell might think that you use violence against violence.

1. That has to be the connection to all the German Tyrell and his wife speaks.

2. We saw a picture of white flowers in 20 minutes into episode 6. See below.

Of course, they could be white flowers of another kind....

But that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter #MOVE #EdPiskor Really effective history of MOVE within about 12 panels or so...

I have mixed feelings about Ed Piskor's success with Hip Hop Family Tree.

Yes, there should be histories written about black culture, especially a culture as transcendent and as interesting as Hip Hop. However, it would be nice if that history was written by some black folks. Maybe Ta Nehisi can give Kyle Baker a call...? Aaron MacGruder can't write a comprehensive Hip Hop history ?..Just askin'....

That concern stated, Ed Piskor is a great American cartoonist from my hometown of Pittsburgh. He often does brilliant work either by himself or with the late Harvey Pekar, who also kind of mined that area of creating working class narratives around The Way Things Are. I highly recommend his work about the early days of computer hacking, which I have given rave reviews of.

His latest strip, usually reprinted at Boing Boing, seems to move away from strictly hip hop and talks about Philadelphia's MOVE movement...I found it quite compelling. Here's a snippet:

You can find the rest here at Boing Boing, as well as a promise as to how this relates to Hip Hop history.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

#BlackSciFi @Afrofuturism I'm being sent this tribute book dedicated to Samuel R. Delany. Related: Profiled in the New Yorker and Rightfully so

I asked Nisi Shawl to send me this tribute book to Samuel "Chip" Delany and they promised they would. The Miracle of Twitter. Here's the cover:

I also just found out that this was done by way of Indiegogo, just like this very site. Very cool. (How did they get Thomas Disch who died, tragically. (Disch essentially ran out of money and seemed to have died from despair and poverty.) He also wrote a lot of criticism and some of it was about Delany's work Disch was also gay and also just a brilliant writer. But this should be good.

Here's the Youtube ad.

Related: Chip was also profiled in the New Yorker and righteously so. You can read that here.