Saturday, August 1, 2015

#BlackSciFi @Afrofuturism I'm being sent this tribute book dedicated to Samuel R. Delany. Related: Profiled in the New Yorker and Rightfully so

I asked Nisi Shawl to send me this tribute book to Samuel "Chip" Delany and they promised they would. The Miracle of Twitter. Here's the cover:

I also just found out that this was done by way of Indiegogo, just like this very site. Very cool. (How did they get Thomas Disch who died, tragically. (Disch essentially ran out of money and seemed to have died from despair and poverty.) He also wrote a lot of criticism and some of it was about Delany's work Disch was also gay and also just a brilliant writer. But this should be good.

Here's the Youtube ad.

Related: Chip was also profiled in the New Yorker and righteously so. You can read that here.

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