Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter #MOVE #EdPiskor Really effective history of MOVE within about 12 panels or so...

I have mixed feelings about Ed Piskor's success with Hip Hop Family Tree.

Yes, there should be histories written about black culture, especially a culture as transcendent and as interesting as Hip Hop. However, it would be nice if that history was written by some black folks. Maybe Ta Nehisi can give Kyle Baker a call...? Aaron MacGruder can't write a comprehensive Hip Hop history ?..Just askin'....

That concern stated, Ed Piskor is a great American cartoonist from my hometown of Pittsburgh. He often does brilliant work either by himself or with the late Harvey Pekar, who also kind of mined that area of creating working class narratives around The Way Things Are. I highly recommend his work about the early days of computer hacking, which I have given rave reviews of.

His latest strip, usually reprinted at Boing Boing, seems to move away from strictly hip hop and talks about Philadelphia's MOVE movement...I found it quite compelling. Here's a snippet:

You can find the rest here at Boing Boing, as well as a promise as to how this relates to Hip Hop history.

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